Spell check weirdness

So, at some point yesterday, spell check stopped working in Scrivener. It won’t underline anything as I type. All the options are enabled in preferences, and yet I can type anything and it won’t get underlined. I’m not sure what happened with Scrivener. I tried quitting and restarting, logging out and back in, looked at the OSX spell check preferences, and everything seems okay.I tried other programs, as well, and spell check works normally in TextEdit as well as in Nisus Writer Pro. Any ideas? I’m in the final stages of my dissertation and getting spell check back will make my final proofread much less painful.

The preferences only affect new projects - have you got spell-checking turned on for the project (Edit > Spelling and Grammar)?

Oh, wow, I didn’t know that. That fixed it! Thanks—you’re super fast!