Spell correct suggestions and autocorrect are combining to generate a misspell "ofr"

I am using Scrivener 3.3.6. I am using it on a MBP M1 Max. Sonora Beta 14.2.
I can replicate this, sometimes. If I misspell “for” and try to correct the error, I consistently get “ofr.” I searched my custom dictionary, “ofr” not there. I slowly selected the “ofr” and tried to replace it. Got to “f” when the autocorrect thought I wanted “of” and inserted that when I typed “o”. It signaled this to the far right of my screen with a small floating flag showing “of” as an option to select. I did not select it. Instead completed my typing with an “r” and ended back with “ofr.” I had a heck of a time deleting that and getting for accepted.
It happens as I am typing away in a long stream of text. My typing is usually two fingered with eyes on keyboard, so I have not caught the initial instance from whence this triggers. I expect I type the “ofr” and then end up in some loop.

Hi oldmanegan. Since you’re using macOS 14.2 beta, that could be a factor in the behavior you’re seeing. The betas sometimes have issues like this, so you might want to wait until that version is out of beta to see if it’s corrected.

I’d also check the Scrivener > Settings > Corrections panel and see if the “Only suggest completions from custom auto-complete lists” is ticked or not.

I’m wondering if the issue is the macOS 14 Sonoma inline predictive text causing this issue, rather than the spellcheck tools.