Spellchecker language Swedish?

Hi! I am new to Scrivener and think I might have a problem unless there is some way to solve it.

I write mostly in Swedish so the English spellchecker is underlining every word I write with the red squiggly lines. Is there some way to get a Swedish spellchecker into Scrivener, or at least turn off the spellchecker all together?

If there is a way to turn it off, would it be easy to move my scrivener writings into Word, spellcheck them there, and then move them back into Scrivener or something?

Or does anyone have any other suggestion that might help? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi there,

same question for me, i.e. how do I on a windows platform get spell check for Swedish? I do not even find how to turn the (english) spellcheck off, whick makes it (of course) impossible to work with a text in Swedish. I am sure the weakness is on my part, but pls advice me on how to do…



Hej Vafann!

Found it! Tools-Options-Corrections. There you can turn off the spellchecking, or even download (and after a restart) a Swedish dictionary. So far, pretty ok! :smiley:

However, the downloaded dictionary is pretty crappy, so I’m not sure what will be best: turn it off, or trying to teach it some common sense… It will be boring to export the project to Word everytime one wants to do some serious spellchecking; scrivener kind of loses some of its potential…

Suggestion to the developer team: Invest in a Swedish dictionary of similar quality to the one in Word… (sorry, but that’s my only reference…)


Hi j500! yes thank you! I just found it! I don´t know how well it works yet, but at least I don´t have annoying red lines under everything now. :slight_smile:

Or forces you to become a better speller :wink:

Glad you’ve both got that all worked out. We are looking into other spelling dictionary options to replace the current Aspell, so we’ll see what we can find.

Thank you! That sounds great! :smiley:

Since a lot of people use Word for formatting etc., as one of the steps before publishing you always have the option of ignoring the spelling whilst in Scrivener and save it until you’re done with the first draft (either compiling for word or copy/paste into word).

Hej från Malmö by the way.

Yes, thank you, good idea for another workaround, and as a last security check. :slight_smile:
Hej från en annan skåning! :slight_smile:

Have a look at this: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/do-you-want-a-better-swedish-spelling-dictionary/26435/1]