Spelling and Grammar Issue

I did a search for this issue, but found none listed.

Scrivener had worked perfectly since I received it as a birthday gift in August. The past few days however, I’ve noticed an issue with the spelling and grammar check.

I have “Check Spelling While Typing” enabled, but it seems to have stopped doing so. Turning it off and on makes no difference. I did noticed that yesterday, it seemed enabled for older documents, but not the newer ones and today, it is absent from all documents.

I am also unable to activate the “Show Spelling And Grammar” window. If I use the shortcut keystroke, “Edit” will blink blue, but no window appears. The same if I go up to Edit to manually open it. I have tried activating it by highlighting text, various documents, so forth. It appears that I simply no longer have a spelling or grammar check functioning.

Thanks in advance for any input

Two very basic questions:

Have you upgraded to 10.6 recently?
Does your spell-check etc. show the same problems in TextEdit?

That will help identify the root of the problem.

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Thank you for the welcome and the response.

Currently, I have version 1.53. I didn’t get a notice that there had been an update. I’ll look into that and see if it helps.

And spelling and grammar function seem to work just fine in TextEdit.

So, updating to see if it corrects the problem! Fingers crossed.

Oh! Updated to OS 10.6? Umm. Probably. I update when the computer prompts me. I’m still getting accustomed to the Mac format and I’m not overly computer wise to start with.

You definitely would have noticed upgrading to 10.6! It requires purchasing a special DVD and running a full installer, it isn’t like the typical minor upgrades where the system downloads an update and applies it.

Well, then! No, my OS is not 10.6.

Thank you for that clarification. :slight_smile:

Hey there. Running Scrivener 1.53 on Mac Os 10.6 and I’m having a similar problem. If I right click on a red underlined (misspelled word), I get the spinning beach ball and scrivener essentially crashes on me. I did not have this problem until after I upgraded the OS. I tried to re-produce the problem in text edit (based on an earlier question yo uasked) and I have not been able to do so.

Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.

Could you please provide the crash report? There was a bug reported similar to this but I thought I had fixed it for 1.52 - obviously not. The crash report will help me see where the crash is occurring.
Thanks and all the best,

Can do. How do I generate it?

Just make Scrivener crash in the way you did before, then copy the gobbledegook out of the “Quit Unexpectedly” window and either paste it in a response to this post, or send it to me via e-mail at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com.
Thanks and all the best,

Ask and ye shall receive. It just crashed on me. The technical output is a bit long so I’ll E-mail it to the address you gave me. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have a similar problem. Automatic spell-check used to work fine every time I opened Scrivener. Now, however, I have to turn it on again every time I go into a text. Even if I go to full screen mode, turn automatic spell-check on, then go out of full screen for a moment, and back to FS again (of the same text), the spell check is turned off again. It just doesn’t stick! Very frustrating to have to remember to constantly turn it on again…

I have OSX 10.5.8 and Scrivener 1.53.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Is the problem only in full screen mode? That is, does the main editor work keep its settings okay? The full screen window gets recreated every time and copies its settings from the main editor, so it sounds as though it may not be copying this setting for some reason. Let me know if it’s only full screen or everywhere.

I have similar problem:

Using OS X 10.6.2 and Scrivener 1.53.

Full screen mode doesn’t remember “check spelling option”, while main screen correctly stays in “off mode”, full screen mode gets it turned on every time I open it.

I’m afraid I just cannot repeat this.

Are we definitely talking about the same thing? That is, the option under Edit > Spelling and Grammar? (As opposed to the setting in the Preferences which only applies to new projects and has no effect on existing projects.)

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Hi Keith,

I am talking about the Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Check spelling while typing. It turns itself off every time I have closed Scrivener, or every time I go in and out of a new document, or if I go in and out of full screen mode.



I can’t reproduce this at all. (It certainly can’t happen just by switching documents as that just switches the text inside the view.)

On Leopard and below, switching between documents or into full screen will wipe all the red underlines, but it won’t turn off spelling - could this be what you are seeing? Or is the item in the Edit menu actually missing its tick as well?

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks for testing, Keith,

Missing tick also.

Unfortunately I can’t really test it because I can’t see it for myself, and it’s almost impossible to track down bugs without seeing them first hand. Is there any way you could make a video showing exactly what happens?

Thanks to Louise for sending me a screencast of the issue - now I see what you mean, and I know why it’s happening!

Louise was turning spell checking on and off via the ctrl-click contextual menu - is this also the way other people who are reporting this issue were controlling spell checking?

The contextual menu item setting does indeed not get saved. The contextual menu is provided by the OS; the one in the Edit menu I put there myself and so have overridden it so that the setting gets saved - hence the minor bug. This discrepancy will be fixed in 2.0 (I’ve actually removed this option from the ctrl-click menu for 2.0 so that the issue doesn’t arise - I have created my own custom contextual menu). To ensure the setting gets changed, please use the item in the Edit > Spelling and Grammar menu.

Many thanks again to Louise for making it clear what the issue was.

All the best,