Spelling Ubuntu 11.04

I’ve just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and a fresh install of Scrivener 0.2.3 and now have no spell checking. Does anyone have any idea how to rectify this?

Are you using 64-bit?

No, 32.

My understanding is that spell check in Scrivener depends on aspell being installed. Is it possible that it is not on your system?

You are correct, it uses aspell which is on my system.

I have the same problem. Just upgraded to 11.04, and spelling in Scrivener is gone. Aspell is still installed.

Are you sure it’s not when you have multiple documents showing? With the new version of the beta, in both windows-wine and linux native, I don’t see spell checking if I have multiple documents selected. When I’m viewing one document, it’ll show.

No, it doesn’t work with one document open either.

I just did a fresh install of Kubuntu 11.04, and it looks like everything is working there.

I upgraded to Natty a few days ago and spelling was working fine in Scrivener beta 11, which was the version I had installed at the time. Today I upgraded to Scrivener beta 13 and am now missing spellcheck. Aspell was already installed. I removed it and reinstalled it just to see, then relaunched Scrivener, but no luck.

Spellcheck launches fine – it just doesn’t find any mistakes. Strange.

I just installed a fresh copy of the beta on 11.04, and I don’t have spelling either. I’ve got aspell installed and working fine.

I had this problem on debian, fix may well be the same. You need libaspell-dev installed as well.

Thanks, cwoac! I installed libaspell -dev and relaunched Scrivener – spelling is back for me on Ubuntu 11.04.

Unfortunately this didn’t work for me :frowning:

Most peculiar. May well be reaching the point of stracing it. I’ll try and figure out tomorrow which invocation is needed.

Success! Installing libaspell -dev does solve the problem on 32bit but not 64bit. When I started this thread I had 32bit installed, but later I installed the 64bit version to see if that would solve the problem (which it didn’t). When the libaspell -dev solution came up I had 64bit installed and it didn’t solve the problem. However, I’ve put the 32bit back on, installed libaspell -dev and it now works.

I know changing the OS to get a piece of software running is a lot of messing around, but at least we now have some valuable information. We need libaspell -dev for spell checking to work in 32bit, in 64bit - no solution as yet known.

aha. You would need the 32bit version of the libaspell-dev libraries installed in 64 bit then to get it working under that. To be honest its a long time since I had to do any serious cross architecture work like that. I think the solution under debian these days is a 32bit chroot.