Spelling WORDS like don't and won't

I’ve tinkered with this for some time and added these word’s to my to my personal list, but still the program refuses to change them though I see them in my personal list. When I right click dont or wont to correct it, the pop up list does not offer me the correct word. Is there any fix for this.

I am no expert in spell checking, but from what I know, the Scrivener personal word list is just a so-called “white list”. It contains those words that otherwise would be flagged, but you deem to be correct. It does not include the functionality to start from a similar word in your text and lookup the closest match in your word list.

You could however use substitutions for what you actually want to achieve. Go to Options → Corrections → Edit substitutions… and enter a rules like:

dont => don’t
wont => won’t

I don’t know whether that’s what you are trying to accomplish, but you might give it a try.

Thanks for the reply. Will check it out now.
Well done. It absolutely works!!!