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Is there a way of correcting spelling by just using the keyboard. Right now once you have the “Spelling” dialog up I can’t select anything within it via the keyboard, I want to select a word inside the “Guess” box and hit Enter" to correct the word. Any way of doing this?
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I use the Check Spelling as I type feature then right click on a word and select the spelling from the list…

That’s what I do now. I try to avoid using the mouse as much as I can. I would love a keyboard centric solution.

Well in my shortcut guide

You can do these keyboard commands
Spelling/Spelling ⌘:
Spelling/Check Document Now ⌘;
Spelling/Check Spelling While Typing ⌘\

Use the arrow keys to navigate to the word.
You can hold down shift and use the arrow keys to highlight a word then
Use the above listed commands to check your spelling options.

Hope that helps.

The thing is, once the word is highlighted, there is no way of accessing the correct word without using the keyboard, at least I haven’t found a way. If there was a way of doing the same action that happens when you right click the highlighted word, that would be ideal.

I should also mention, you can get the spelling dialog box to come up by using the apple-shift-: combination, but the dialog immediately looses focus, so you have to use the mouse to select the word, I want the dialog to stay focused and let me select the word, then hit enter to dismiss the dialog and be done. But I guess that’s a feature request.

well one work around is

highlight word

Copy (⌘C)
Select spelling (SHIFT⌘:)
Paste (⌘V)