Split and Group text lines

I accidentally posted the wish list request below to the Scrivener wish list category. Recognizing this, I went looking for a Scapple wish list category but can’t see to find it. Does one exist? Thanks!

Scapple wish list request:

First - Keith - great program. I am a long time user and admirer of your document compiler. Scapple is a great addition to your repertoire.

I suggest a context menu item (“split”) to take the text from a single node and break it out into one node per line of text.
I suggest a context menu item (“group”) to take combine the text from a group of selected nodes into a single new node.

Use cases:

  1. I have a text list or bullet list of items that I want to import as separate nodes. I would create a new node, paste the list into that node, and then use “split”.
  2. I have many nodes that I realize should all connect to the same other node and do not need to be separated. I would select all of these nodes, “group” them into a single node that combines their text in a bulleted list, and then reconnect that composite node as needed.

Sorry if this repeats someone else’s request.

This would be enormously helpful for me, too. Having to click into a pasted multiline note over and over to split each line apart manually is tedious and time consuming.

In addition to the command, it would be great if the split-pastes-on-newline could also be set as a default preference.