Split at character(s)

Scrivener has the option to split a document at the selection. An option that could be interesting would be to split a document wherever a particular text string is found. So a text file might be:

First article
Notes on the first article.
Second article
Notes on the second article.
Third article
Notes on the third article.

This could be useful when preparing notes in a text editor. Perhaps you are making notes during a meeting, and whilst you could type [newdoc] in between talks, you do not want to create a new text document. The suggested feature means you could drop the text file into Scrivener, select it and then choose “Split at text string”, enter “[newdoc]” (maybe checking a box to say you want the text string itself to be retained) and the text file would be split into three.

I thought of this when dragging Sente notes into Scrivener. At the moment, if you want each reference in a separate document, these have to be dragged in one at a time. There are advantages in doing them one at a time that I won’t go into as it involves Sente rather than Scrivener, but if there were a “Split at text string” the Sente output could be configured to place some text string between references, making it possible to select a load of references in Sente, drag the notes on all of them into the Scrivener document, and then use the split command to put the notes on each reference into a separate document.

Apologies if this is already available, or if it has already been discussed, but I did not find it. It could have other uses too


You should be using Dana Leighton’s very useful AppleScript. Have a look at:

sente.tenderapp.com/discussions … tf-or-opml


Actually this is already available - File > Import > Import and Split.

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