Split editor and full-screen mode

I work on my 13" MBA with binder, left-right editor split, and inspector comments open. Both editor splits are as near as dammit the same width and I do my editing in the left split with the source text in the right. When not in full-screen mode, I have the window slightly narrower than the screen so that I can get at any icons on the desktop.

I have started using full-screen mode, given the comparatively limited screen real-estate on the MBA, as that gives me a bit more width available in the editor splits, and I can exit full-screen if I need to get at any icon. However, when I enter full-screen mode, and the window expands to the right, it is the right editor split which expands to fill the space, leaving the left split, the one in which I actually do my editing, unchanged from the non-full-screen size. Do you see what I mean?

Would it be possible in any way to have both splits to expand equally so that I don’t have to do it manually each time, with the inspector not expanding either? Of course, this may be technically impossible.

Hi Mark,

Split views are full of woe in Cocoa - they are complex and buggy and generally nasty to work with, and this is one of their many quirks. I’m loathe to try to introduce non-standard proportional-stretching of the split views during window resizing, as it would just be adding more complexity to what is already a hornet’s nest.

However, because I work much like you and also like evenly-sized vertical editors, I not long-ago added a refinement here. If you double-click on the central divider (which can be tricky given that it is a single pixel wide, but there are a few pixels of clickable buffer around it), the editors will resize to be of equal width. (If double-clicking doesn’t work at first, move the cursor around and bring it back - there seems to be some bugginess to Apple’s split view divider double-click receiving code where it doesn’t always register the clicks at first, too.)

EDIT: Actually, no, there is a bug in Scrivener whereby it doesn’t allow the buffer for double-clicking, which is why sometimes it is very hard to double-click on the single-pixel divider. I have fixed this for the next update.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Lovely! I also work like you two and always resized manually. Didn’t know of this feature at all

I’ve just added a tip to the Tutorial so that new users will know about this, at least.

Great. Thanks for that Keith. Actually, I subsequently discovered that the ‘problem’ as described happens when I have just booted up Scrivener and then go into full-screen. If I am in full-screen and switch out of it, what happens is that the right split shrinks and the left split stays the same, but then going back into full-screen restores the even split.

Still means there are times when double-clicking (which I didn’t know about) and I’ll look forward to the next update!



Double click the central divider to resize the editors? Brilliant!
This is why I keep reading these boards (but don’t tell vic-k).

You can also set up the full-screen split the way you like, and then save that as a Layout. Then create a shortcut for that layout, so that instead of toggling to full screen, you use the shortcut of the full-screen layout you saved.

Good idea! Thanks

Actually, I do just that, but I still under certain circumstances get the left-split width problem when moving from Apple Full-screen, to normal screen and back. And, because I’m editing translations etc. I always have the split screen … I never work with only one editor pane.



Brand new, still working my way through the tutorial, finally up to Step 8, Split Screens.

I prefer working in a vertical split screen. The text panel on the right scrolls correctly so that I can read the whole line and not miss any words. The text panel on the left does not scroll, and I’m missing quite a bit unless I move the bottom slider bar (what do you call that thing?) to the side of the page and back again, and back again, and back again.

I’ve messed around with various settings and searched for the last 40+ minutes without discovering the secret. Yes, double clicking on the center bar makes the windows of equal size, but doesn’t equally scroll the text in both panels.

Hope this query makes sense, and hope you can suggest something. Thanks.

There is no way to scroll both editors at the same time - it wouldn’t really make sense, as they can contain different documents of different length, and if you have the same document open in both panes, why would you want to look at the same text in both? The whole strength of the split editor is being able to look at different text on both sides. You can scroll the other editor using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Opt-Cmd up and down arrows, though.

All the best,

Thanks for reply, Keith. I’m probably not making myself clear, sorry. I think I wrote “scroll” when I meant “wrap” (long day, slogging through the tutorial – which is quite well done, btw).

First, two text docs, side by side, can be quite useful. It’s not the same doc, but two docs up for comparison. Version A compared to version Q – did all the details make it over? Were changes missed? Do I like parts of version A better, Q got overwritten? and so on. I do it often in Word, no problems.

What I am seeing so far in Scrivener’s vertical split screen is that the text width of one doc (on the right) is fully visible and wraps just fine – no missing words that must be sought. The panel on the left does not wrap. That’s my problem. Without wrapping the lines to the width of the panel, it’s clumsy to use.

In the horizontal split screen view, it’s not an issue, both docs wrap just fine. But I like vertical better, have years of habit viewing it that way in Word.

It seems that Scrivener’s advantage over Word, and why I’m considering switching over for my own writing projects, is that here it’s easier to keep track of lots of little bits and files. So having the vertical split not work very well is odd.

If this is happening in a regular text document (as opposed to a PDF or image or such), check the footer of that editor–does it say Page x of y rather than giving you a word and character count? If so, try clicking into that editor and then selecting View > Page View > Hide Page View to switch to wrapping to the editor–that should let your text flow along the width of the editor however small you make the split.

If the editor isn’t in page view but the document text isn’t wrapping, there might be something odd going on with the ruler settings in the text. Even with a hard right indent it should wrap, but funny things happen sometimes with imported or pasted text bringing in invisible formatting and such. You might want to try making the ruler visible (Format > Show Ruler) and playing with that in a paragraph and turning on Format > Options > Show Invisibles to check for hidden tables or such that might be disrupting the flow.

I was playing around with the tutorial text for split screens. I’ll check settings when next I try, thanks.