Split Screen and Focus

New to Scrivener. Love the program. The problem I’ve encountered working through the tutorial is that when I split the screen and try to give the lower pane the focus (the header is underlined when I click in the pane, which leads me to think it has the focus) then click on a doc in the draft folder, the doc loads in the upper pane, although the lower pane has the focus. I had been fooling around with horizontal and vertical splits prior to this and wonder if the one of the panes of the split window is primary and just got rearranged. Anyway, it’s a bit annoying b/c intuitively you’d think that once the window has the focus, the “clicked” doc would load in that window. Any ideas?

I don’t remember it exactly, but I’m sure someone will come along soon who does.

But there is a menu option (I think in View->Binder Affects) that allows you to specify which pane changes when you click on something in the Binder. I’m guessing you have it locked to a particular pane, and want to change it back to whichever pane has focus.



That was it! Thanks so much.