Split screen focus


I run across a minor problem when I split screen to 2 parts so that I can compare 2 documents. Assume the 2 parts are different. When my mouse focus is in the 1st part, and I click one document (A) in the binder, the 1st part will display document A. Then I move my mouse focus to the 2nd part and click another document (B) in the binder, then the 2nd part will display document B.

The problem is, when I switch back to part 1 of the screen, the highlighted document in the binder is still B; it has not been updated when I switch back to part 1 from part 2 of the screen.

Is this a bug, or something I missed?




You are only missing that this is how most programs work in this regard and the FAQ:

literatureandlatte.com/wiki/ … ly_editing.


Hope that helps!

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Got it. I can use (Cmd-Opt-R) to Reveal in Binder the document I am currently selecting. I can live with that :slight_smile:

Yep, sorry, I should have mentioned that. :blush: