split screen keyboard shortcut?

Hi, I have a couple of quick questions as I am not entirely familiar with Scrivener:

  1. When I attempt to increase font size of selected text using the “apple/+” keys on the keypad (I’m on a powerbook), it has the effect of splitting the screen. Is that intentional? Anything I can do? (splitting the screen is easy to do with a single click so I don’t guess that a shortcut is much helpful).

  2. I realize this isn’t much of a question and only reveals my ignorance. But I’m having a hell of a time trying to create and use styles. I have tried many things in preferences, trying to select text and then set, going back and forth, trying alternative combinations, but nothing seems to stick, nothing works. I suspect I’m just confused, but my question is this-- can you point me anywhere where there is a detailed step-by-step guide that might help me?


  • is created using shift+=, so the actual shortcut for increasing font size is shift-cmd-=. It’s worth checking that you really want to make the font bigger and not the zoom factor, though, which can be done using opt-cmd-UP.

This depends on what you mean by styles. Scrivener doesn’t have a true styles system as such. But if you just want to change the formatting for new documents, you do that in Preferences > Text Editing - changes you make there affect the formatting of new documents.

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OK, that works, thanks!

OK, its not much of a problem, I think I’m set up in a way that will work for me. But still, for some reason I can’t get the changes that I make to various styles to stay (I’m referring to styles that are listed in the Preferences > Text Editing drop-down menu; I seem to recall creating these styles last year). I’m trying to change font, indent paragraph, spacing, etc. I’ll keep trying, so don’t worry about it if you have no obvious suggestions for me.

thank you…