Split Screen view problem

I was hoping when you use the split screen option that each window would work independently. When I click on the left window and try to click on the specific entry I want to open the right one seems to be the one that is accessed nearly all the time. It’s hard to get the left window to work. The left one just sits there or sometimes mirrors the right. I can’t make the left window function independently. It doesn’t seem instinctual. Maybe I’m missing something.

I’m working on the Research notebook section. I like to work there editing text and other components before moving things to the Draft section to finalize.

Does the split screen have another purpose and I’m incorrect in thinking it should work independently from each other?

What I’m trying to do is for instance. Open an older document on the left window and work on a new updated document on the right. If I try to access another older document on the left it changes the the right window which should have not been changed. I’m clicking on the top bar of the title of each document before accusing another document thinking scrivener would know I’m trying to only change that window.

Does that make sense?

I’d suggest reading the manual section 8.1.4 Splitting the Editor.

You can lock a split editor with Lock in Place (Opt+Cmd+L) – the banner changes colour to indicate the editor is locked – then select the behaviour of the other editor via Preferences/Behaviours/Navigation/When focused editor is locked in place.

More simply: lock the editor you are working with, and select documents for the other editor in the Binder.

There are a lot more options for working with multiple editors and copyholders.