Split view - formatting corruption

Not sure how I triggered this (probably something to do with ‘scrivenings mode’), but I had a two-window vertical split showing the same content, and the content at top was showing varying fonts and layout compared to bottom window – same document content in each. I cursored into the varying text in the top window and all of the text was exhibiting the same font settings in the toolbar, but clearly was not rendering that way! See attached screenshot.

I notice in the screenshot that you have different zoom settings for each editor–the top is set to 135% and the bottom to 150%. Might that just be the issue, that the text is appearing larger in the bottom view due to that? The zoom is set in the left of the footer for each editor split.

I think that’s partly the answer, yes – I hadn’t noticed that the zoom factors were different!

But there’s still something funky going on. Look at this text in both windows:

Creating an Arbitrary Collection
Click on the “Collections” button on…

Even factoring in the zoom difference:

Top window: both lines have identical font (look at ‘o’ and ‘n’) and both appear bolded

Bottom window: the second line is clearly a smaller font, line-spaced slightly lower, and not bold

Top window: toolbar image overlaps the text

Bottom window: toobar image correctly placed in layout

I’m still betting it’s something to do with scrivenings mode, which is active in that top window.

Ah, yeah, I’ve got it. Adjusting the zoom while in Scrivenings (or at least in Scrivenings of a certain length) gives you all kinds of funny layout, presumably do the the redraw. Bug filed, thanks.