split view on ipad


i there a way to recreate the split view mode on the ipad? i work with translations so i can’t do withourt this feature. :slight_smile:

kind regards

I’m a little confused - we don’t have an iPad version. :slight_smile: Did you mean to post this in the “Software by Other Folk” section?

is there a split view option in one of the ios-programs that you can sync scrivener to? plain text, indexcard or…?

kind regards

None of those iOS programs have a “split view,” if you mean displaying two different texts in either horizontal or vertical panes. They all have a Binder-like format, which displays folders and texts in a left-side menu, and on the right side a selected text.

If you’re looking for Scrivener-like functions, see

IndexCard for Corkboard-like writing/arranging
PlainText for Binder-like writing/arranging
SimpleNote for Editor-like writing/tagging

All of them synch with Dropbox, and Scrivener synchs with IndexCard and SimpleNote

thanx for your kind reply, druid! :slight_smile:
yes that’s what i meant. to be able to display two different texts simutaneously.
do you know about any ios-applications that’s able to do that?