Split with Selection as Title weirdness

I find that when I have a single editor open (with no editor split), and I select some text and use the “Split with Selection as Title” command, when the new document is created, Scrivener is also splitting the editor.

But this only seems to happen when the command is issued via the keyboard, not through the Documents menu, AND when the editor is also displaying a scrivening, not just a single document.

When it happens, the scrivening from the single editor is displayed in the newly opened editor panel, with the newly created doc appended to the scrivening; but the scrivening in the first editor panel remains as it was.

Thanks! There have been issues with the Alt key causing the editor to split, all stemming from how the Alt key, when combined with a mouse click in the binder sidebar, is intended to open the clicked item in whatever editor isn’t set up to normally load the clicked on item (so the other editor normally, but if you have Navigate/Binder Selection Affects/Left Editor then Alt+Click would target the right editor—and so forth.

They had most of these issues with keyboard shortcuts cleaned up, but it looks like there is a weird case left with Scrivenings mode, so long as the action you take changes what you see in the editor (I tried the command to set the selected text to the synopsis, which includes an Alt, but it worked fine).

Thank you for that explanation. Interesting how the Alt key is the culprit.

That would explain why the problem does not show up when the “Split with Selection as Title” command is called via the Documents menu, but does show via the keyboard if an Alt key is part of the calling sequence.

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