When i split, horizontal or vertical, and no mater which section i high light, editing in one section shows up on the other section. Any suggestions for a fix?

That is because when you split the editor it shows the same document you are working on, so you can scroll to two different places within it if you want, to for example continue writing at the bottom, while being able to reference material you’ve written above.

To view something else, simply navigate elsewhere with the binder, like you would if the editor was not split

It sounds like you’d benefit from going through the basic tutorial, as these fundamental concepts are covered there. You’ll find a command to create a new tutorial project in the Help menu.

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I understand what you are saying. when i did the tutorial the typing in one section did not show in the other section.
I want to keep the original as i edit in the other split. Maybe I can not do that.

If you just want to have an unchanged copy of the original for reference, you could copy it into the Scratchpad and keep that open to look at, without doing a split.

I’d also recommend Snapshots for that. It is a feature designed to preserve the text in its current state for all time, you cannot edit them even if you want to. While in the current stable version you cannot load these into a split, you will be able to in version 3, once it is out. In the meanwhile though, they can be viewed in the inspector sidebar as a reference, while you revise. You can drag the inspector out to be quite wide, if the default narrow sidebar is too small for this.