Splitting/(Moving parts of) Projects

Not sure if this is a help request or a feature request :slight_smile:

Is it possible to either:

a) Split a project into two projects. Ie I have a book I am writing ‘Cheeses of the World’, and I suddenly decide that I need to break the project into ‘Cheeses of the New World’ and ‘Cheeses of the Old World’. Would like to be able to just make a project out of one half of my current project.

b) Move whole heirachies (folders, folders in folders, files in folders in folders etc.) to a different project? So I decide that ‘Swiss cheese’ was really invented in New York, so I want to move the whole ‘Swiss cheese’ hierarchy to ‘Cheeses of the New World’.

(NB I am not actually writing about cheese. Sorry if I piqued your interest.)

Create a new project. Drag whatever you like from the old to the new. Done. – Katherine

I tried that, and couldn’t get things to drag!

Are you able to drag things from one location to another in Finder?

You can also use Finder or Save As to duplicate a project, and then delete all the components that you don’t want. But dragging should work.


I can drag them along from one part of a project to another part of the same project all day. What I can’t do is drag them from one project to another.
That duplicating thing sounds good tho! Basically doing the same thing in a couple of steps. Cool, thanks.

Hmm. What version of Scrivener is this?

Also, are you dragging research files, or just ordinary text? From one Binder to the other?


Version 3.1.1 Macintosh

And I am trying to drag folders with text files in them from my Draft folder in the binder.

Huh. Should work fine. I just tested with my own copy.

Could you send a copy of the source project to my attention at mac.support@literatureandlatte.com?


Well, I would, except, after your post above, I went back and retried it and it works now. I think maybe the issue was that now I have all my windows merged, whereas before I was trying to move from window to window?

Dragging from one window to another is what I did.

In any case, glad to hear you’ve solved it.