Splitting notes on import and export to Scriv

Hi Keith and everyone,

I’m using Scapple Trial but actually I’m already sold… :wink:

Anyway, in the tutorial video I noticed the RTF auto-split feature which I like very much. I tried this with a text selection from a forum, where several interesting ideas were listed. I dragged/dropped and copy/pasted but was never asked to split the list into notes.

Would that be possible to implement? What is the source here that is actually copied into the clipboard? HTML? Plain Text? Both would have clear line break markers that could be translated into notes, wouldn’t they?

Apart from that: Is there an “ideal” export format for Scrivener? Of course, I can drag and drop notes. But can I also export something that - on import in Scrivener - will make a list of index cards in the same order / hierarchy like in Scapple? I tried RTF and OPML, but both only result in ONE document with all the info in it.

Best regards and a great, sunny bank holiday,


Okay, talking about hierarchies doesn’t seem to make sense after two days of using Scapple - there simply is none because you don’t have to make connections between notes, and only with arrows would a hierarchy be visible… :blush:

But what about the auto-split? Is there no way to auto-split HTML or plain text lists pasted from the clipboard?

Best regards,