Spreadsheets for Time & Expense Ttracking

Scrivener does just about everything I ask of it, so I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious.

Is there a way to import a working spreadsheet, or set up a spreadsheet or cost/time tracking system in Scrivener?

I’m hoping to have a single document that will allow me to log my project hours and expenses.

I tried setting up an Excel sheet and importing it, but Scrivener didn’t like that option ( it was greyed out and not a viable import option).

Thanks for any and all advice.

I was able to import a Word table document, but it’s not the most elegant solution (no formulas - not the right tool for the job, etc.)

Glenn K.

You can’t edit a spreadsheet inside scrivener, but if you check your settings, there’s a check-box for allowing it to import non-supported documents, as long as you put them somewhere besides your draft folder, that is.

Once it’s there, you can double-click the document and have it opened in it’s default program. The main advantage to this is that you don’t have to keep up with multiple files on your hard drive; it’s contained in the Scrivener project.

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