Square brackets when I export to rtf and open in Word

Hi folks,

I looked for this issue on the forums but couldn’t find it. I’m exporting to rtf and then opening the file in MS Word. When I do I get thick brackets around paragraphs. I can give more detail, if necessary.


Could you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing? That doesn’t ring any bells for me. The only thing that I am aware of that would insert square brackets into the manuscript is if you enable inline annotations in the Footnotes/Comments compile pane. By default it will enclose comments in brackets. However these would just be the normal bracket you can get by typing them in on the keyboard. I wouldn’t describe them as thick brackets around the all of the paragraphs.

To make a screenshot, just press Shift-Cmd-4 on your keyboard. The mouse will turn into a crosshair. Use that to draw a rectangle around the portion of the screen you wish to capture. This will create a file on the desktop that can be attached to a response.

If you have Word set up to show bookmarks, then Word will put square brackets around bookmarked text. These square brackets will not be printed. To turn them off, open Word’s preferences (Word > Preferences…) and deselect “Bookmarks” from the “View” pane. (This option is turned off by default, so presumably someone on your machine has turned it on at some point.)

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, Keith and AmberV! It was the bookmarks. I have attached an image in case you are interested.