Srivener is excellent for creating site copy!

Hello Keith

I have been using Scrivener for writing copy for web sites. Your work has made mine simpler, and more effective. I thought I should let you know why.

When we set out to create a site we spend a great deal of time with the relevant people in the client business. We have a bunch of irritating questions:

  1. What do you like about your current site?
  2. What don’t you like about your current site?
  3. What do you want visitors to feel, and do?

We also want to know all about their product / service, their customers and their competitors. Then we complete a raft of research and reading before thrashing out a basic design.

Scrivener has become my weapon of choice for the following reasons:

  1. A well made site tells a story in a series of chapters. Scrivener is set up so that each page of the site, and the sub-sections, are in one location and laid out in line with the site design.
  2. There are often long periods between writing sessions, and several projects being written at any time - each with a different tone and style. Scrivener’s design makes it so simple to view previously prepared sections and notes and regain the flow of any project.
  3. Ease of use. Your tutorial is excellent. One quick run through, a slower read and about 20 minutes of practice and I was comfortable with the application. Everything about the application is intuitive, especially for writers.In some applications key features are one or two clicks or keyboard strokes away. In this case all frequently used features are easily accessed. Well done.
  4. You have put the writer, and writing, first. Too many applications have features and so-called cool things that produce little but clutter.
  5. The word count and word target…lovely.
  6. Split view.
  7. The corkboard is simply wonderful, for both my own use, and for discussions with our creative team.

In summary, Scrivener is a wonder for the work I do. Thank you. The danger with applications that start out as simple little tools is that popularity breeds demand for features, and change without careful thought can lead to feature bloat. So far you have avoided any such issues. Thank you.

The bad news is that I am also using Scrivener for my fiction, a series of short stories for children. Because of your work these stories may actually be finished, and eventually read by some unfortunate little creeps. Your fault.

Lol. :slight_smile: And thank you - I look forward to reading them!
All the best,