Stacey's Birthday!!!

[size=150]HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY!!![/size]

[size=150]Hope its a good one!![/size]

Vic x x x

Thank you vic-k. I’ve had a great day!

Congratulations, Stacey. May you enjoy many, many more good birthdays.


Mr X

What’s that Vic? It looks like Christmas Pudding! tch! tch! tch! :laughing:

You should have sent Stacey a rainbow cake with stars! :laughing:

Mr X

Looks like a unicorn barfed on that cake…

Happy birthday, Stacey!

That, [size=150]^[/size] sir, :open_mouth: is the dish that men fight and die for, and women sell there John Lewis loyalty card for, 'tis the classic English Sticky Toffee Pudding. You’re spending too much time behind the Great Firewall (fáng huŏ cháng chéng).

Far too many of Scriv’s crew members are leading a sheltered life. High-time the feckless moderators did something about it!

Vic-k, Sticky Toffee Pud Aficionado

Happy Birthday Stacey!

I baked you one of my special forum cakes: iii

That was for Stephanie’s fourth birthday. She asked for a rainbow cake with stars, so her mother baked it for her. The icing is also in the predominant colours of Stephanie’s favourite TV programme “Octonauts”. There’s no accounting for children’s wishes … you just have to try to meet them.

So yes, it is a bit lurid, but actually it was a delicious lemon sponge cake.

Mr X

What you meant to say is “the dish men DIE FROM and that women sell their John Lewis loyalty cards so that they can afford the Gym fees to burn it all off!”

Like you’ve been doing these last few months, eh?


Mr X

Err … well … that too, I suppose. Thing is, Sticky Toffee Pud’s a dangerous beast, and does requires careful handling.
But wot a way 't go … eh? Like Bill Shakespeare said, "Tis a consumption devoutly to be wished. What dreames may come when we have peeled off this silver foil, must give us pause."

"sshhhhh!!! :open_mouth: , some may say … sshhhhh!!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a great day.

Great stuff, Stacey :wink:
What’re you doing in the Scrivenering Dept?
Vic x x

Waiting for WinScriv 2.0. I have lots of projects on the go. My goal this year is to finish the first draft of something.

Good luck with that, Stacey
Vic x x

Huh, cool. HOw’d you get the colors to stay distinct while baking?

Fiona, being a research scientist in her day job, is a pretty good baker. Apparently, she made the sponge mix, divided it into 7 (she might have used 6, indigo being somewhat problematic, I guess), used food colours to colour each of them to the colours of the rainbow, then carefully layered them in the tin before baking.


That would work. :slight_smile: Wasn’t sure if the colors would bleed. I’m assuming gel food coloring?

Rather say “it did work”! And I’m not sure, but I think she has gel food colours from something my wife said à propos another topic.


Mr X

Ah. Hair or yarn/animal fiber dyeing? :slight_smile: (Kool-Aid works better, though, for animal fibers You have more dye for more coverage, since the average head of hair has more surface area than your average tiny bottle of food coloring can provide.)

No, it was marbling easter eggs like this goose egg done by Fiona and Stephanie … though from what Fiona says it sounds as if they used ordinary liquid food colour for that. :slight_smile:

Mr X