Stage Play Format US - question

New to Scrivener, but love it so far.

I’m working in Stage Play US format, and am a bit confused at the default settings.

I see we’re in 12 pt Courier New, which seems right, but when I type dialogue it word wraps after 27 characters. Most formatting guidelines suggest that dialogue uses the whole length of the page between margins, which should be more like 53-ish characters.

When I open a new US Stage Play project, it does the same, even though the sample included clearly shows dialogue spanning the page.

Is this a technical issue? How can I fix my format?


The text will wrap at the edge of the editor if the right-indent marker isn’t visible, so a narrow editor or a high zoom could be causing this appearance. It wouldn’t affect the final output. You can try adjusting the width of the editor (or the whole project window) or lowering the zoom in the left of the editor footer to see if that changes how the line looks. Even if you want to switch it back afterward, you could at least be sure then that it’s only a matter of the display and not a problem with the script formatting.

For those following in my footsteps here, this is a problem on my Surface Pro 4.

Support pointed out that the program is not yet HiDPI compatible (yet) but that there is a workaround.

This fixed my issue: … i-displays

Ah, glad you got this sorted!