Stage Play / Radio Play - Page break with dialogue

Ok, this is definitely going to be a question that’s been asked before. Apologies, I’ve spent the last hour trying to find the answer here and via google with no luck.

I’ve recently moved from using Celtx to Scrivener, primarily for the offline rendering feature. I work professionally as a writer / producer of drama for radio and stage. For myself, and most places I’m submitting scripts to, sticking to any specific formatting is not that important. With one exception.

Dialogue absolutely cannot spill over a page break. I don’t care about CON’D, MORE, or anything like that. But currently this is what Scrivener is doing [using UK stage drama template]… (See image below)

Please tell me there is a way to get it to simply move dialogue that spills over, onto the next page automatically. As it is, the script absolutely could not be used professionally. Seriously hoping there’s a simple way to do this in project or compile settings. It would be awful if I’d purchased Scrivener only to find out it can’t do the single most important thing needed for writing radio drama.



I am 99.99 per cent certain that can’t be done in Scrivener. Someone else might say otherwise.

Personally, I’ve never had a client complain about dialogue crossing pages. Even the Beeb is happy enough… … script.pdf … -Moore.pdf

…though I appreciate that it is an issue for you.

Scrivener has a 30-day trial period, non-contiguous days to boot. Unlucky if this issue didn’t come up in those 30 days.

Hopefully one of the mods or developers will have a solution for you.


Briar Kit

Thanks Briar. Many theatre company’s specify it in their submission requirements. Here’s hoping you’re wrong and there’s a way to do this. Seems like a crazy oversight.

Specifically for radio drama, especially when studio recorded the final scripts MUST be paginated - for page turning purposes. I’m guessing the beeb make their own recording scripts which differ from submission script format. As I produce and direct my own stuff for radio it’s a requirement for me too.

Sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful.

If no one gives an answer on the forum, worth trying tech support (they aim to reply within 48 hours).


Briar Kit

In the Script element settings there is an advanced option ‘try to keep with next paragraph’. That is intended to prevent such widows and orphans.

I have just tried applying that setting to the Character style in a Radio play format. I turned Page View on and with all my tinkering I have been unable to get a Character name as the last line on a page: it always goes onto the next page with the dialogue.