Stage Play UK formatting

Having researched this elsewhere, the settings for a UK stage play appear to be incorrect. They are certainly not consistent with any published UK stage play.

The advice in this web page seems to be accurate:


Character names should be bold and CAPITALS

Character names contained in stage directions should be ITALIC AND CAPITALS (the latter point here is not invariably observed)

Dialogue is indented from the character name

Stage directions are to be in italics

Stage directions within dialogue should be (in brackets and italics)

I am in the process of changing the formatting of a script right now and, since this will involve the changing of capitalised stage directions to lower case, I think this will involve a lot of retyping (?) If there is a short cut, please let me know.

As Scapple doesn’t support Stage Play formatting, presumably this is intended for the Scrivener forums? I’m moving it over…

Also, this is not a bug. Scrivener’s UK stage play formatting is based on the formatting provided on the BBC website here: … our-script … tageus.pdf

I daresay there are numerous variations on the stage play format as it is not as standardised as the formatting of Hollywood screenplays. You are free to create your own variations of script formatting in Scrivener using the Script Settings (Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings), which you can also save for use with other projects. You can also convert between script formats using the option in Documents > Conversions.

Ok nice one. I’ve adapted the template now.