Stageplay template


Is there a stageplay template project available anywhere? I got one somewhere from a post for manuscript but can’t find it in search.


Look at Text Menu/Mode.

Also in Scrivener Help, the Text Editing section.


Thanks Dave.

Actually, I know about that. I was thinking more of a default project template, that already has the title page and folders and export settings all set up properly, like Keith provided for manuscript format a while back in this thread: … .php?t=625

I haven’t created one… I could do, though. Or, if anyone wants to beat me to it, hint, hint…

I would have done one, but I’m a bit confused on what format you are using for the Stageplay (US). The kind I’m emulating has ACT # listed and then indented to the same point, the stage directions/introduction to the act in parenthesis of one or more paragraphs. But I don’t seem to see a setting for that type of element, so I assume yours is a different format so I’d be doing it wrong.


Uh, not sure what you mean. Have a look on the BBC website, under writers room or something like that, they have a PDF example of a US stageplay format - that is what it is based on… Along with some user input.

When I start a document in U.S. Stageplay format, I start out doing ACT 1, which works fine. Then when I go to the next line, however, it is not properly indented and put in parenthesis–rather, it is just lined up to the left. This is contrary to the example provided by the BBC.

Maybe my files got corrupted somehow? Or am I meant to select a different option?

Ah, see what you mean. In this instance, you have to hit tab for the first line indent. That will indent to exactly where it should be, and when you type, it will get wrapped to that first tab. IIRC, this was so that Scrivener didn’t confuse set description for scene heading. I believe you have to put your own brackets around these parts, as well, though it’s been a while since I implemented it.

I’d help but my formats are deeply idiosyncratic and based on UK templates in any case. Plus I use cocoa styles, typeit4me inserts and other weirdnesses. Not so much because it’s better but because I’m used to it and so are the theatres I deal with.

Sorry to be useless.