Stalking the Forum

So I guess I may be a little early, but I was stalking in hopes of finding info on NiaD 2016. :wink:

Anyone else with little patience?

ScrapnAss - I’ve got my ear to the keyhole too!

I have to say that I love - simply love - the new LitNLat forum layout.

I’d like to be a part of it this year, too, please.

Strangely, I found myself monkeying again with my NIAD brag footer a few days ago. Coincidence? Or could there be NIAD in the air?

What else could reverberate so through the NIAD diaspora? Somewhere in an undisclosed location or London pigfender is stoking the NIAD forge. Either that or I have deadline work I am avoiding.


I’d be interested this year and some advance warning of the date would be great (am I right in thinking that its generally in october ?)

Hmmm. Nice!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.45.05.png
Tea and a pencil?


coffee surely - everyone knows that tea makes your pencils go soggy

It is absolutely true that in the U.S. those register as coffee cups. But I didn’t want to be the one to break the news to the pee i gee ef e en dee e ar.

I knew a Niad once, she tried to get me to desert from my ship because she was transfixed by my beauty (and who can blame her) , but I let what had happened to Hylas of the Argo be a warning and kept my carnal desires in check

Yes, who could blame her? Not every day a big soft moose on the high seas—

Oh m’gosh! I can tell already it’s gonna be another bumpy ride this year. :smiley: I’ll add an extra layer of padding to the keister.

The suspense is killing me!!!

GR: So quiet you could hear a pencil drop [a beat] in a teacup.

I bet Mr. Piggie is enjoying this. :smiley:

Playing possum is more like it.

Or busy fending pigs!



I too am looking forward to the next one too :smiley:

Blimey, you’d think you lot’d be bored of these things by now!

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been off on vacation for a bit, with only very limited access to the interwebs. But I’m back now! Let me work out which day I can do and then I’ll get a sign up sheet posted.

Love and hugs,