Standard Chapter Headings, Then Epilogue, Acknowledgements,

For all the chapters of my book, I will use the standard Chapter X headings.

Then, I want the last one to be “Epilogue” followed by Acknowledgements, About the Author, etc. (I put them at the end so that the Amazon sample will include more actual book).

What’s the best way to accomplish this? I realize, I can compile those As-is, and include the heading in the text document itself (and make sure that the formatting matches the others). Is that the best way?



You can leave the document for the Epilogue outside of the Manuscript, or rather on the same level (one to the left) of the L1 Manuscript documents. Then it falls outside of the numbering hierarchy and can be given its own formatting, independent of the child documents of the Manuscript folder.

If you use folders that contain scene files for your chapters, you could put epilogue, acknowledgements, etc… documents at the same level as the chapter folders. Then in the Formatting pane of the compile dialogue, change it so that they don’t add “CHAPTER X” headings, and you can also format them slightly differently to the main text (within the limits imposed by the kindle ebooks standard).

Conversely, if your chapters are all just a list of files that are immediate children of the Manuscript folder, then you could create a “Back Matter” folder and put your documents in there. Un-check the “include in compile” option for the folder, and in the Formatting pane, include titles (or not, as you prefer) for level 2+ documents.

Essentially, you’re putting these non-story files at a different level from the ones that contain the actual narrative, and set your compile to treat them differently.