Start each scene on new page (Scrivenings mode)

Still new to Scrivener so apologies if this is a really basic question.

I’m currently writing a stageplay in UK formatting and was using Scrivenings mode to see the whole doc at a glance. The only problem is that in Page View scenes still appear back to back with the dotted line ‘page break’ indicator rather than actually formatting the page break.

When using ‘Compile’, the script formats properly, but is there a way to get scenes to appear on new pages within Scrivenings view?



I don’t think so, and you shouldn’t care. Scrivener isn’t intended to be WYSIWYG. The editor is for writing, not detailed formatting.

I do care though, which is why I wrote the question.

I’m not that concerned about formatting, it would just be nice for scrivenings mode to reflect all of the sub-docs collected together (since each of my sub-docs) starts on a new page. Since novel chapters often begin on new pages, I just thought there would be an easy option to view as such.

Under the Preferences’ Appearance pane you can set options for when Scrivenings should use a page break separator in the page layout view. The default has only Before folders ticked, but if you also enable Before text documents, I think that should do what you’re wanting.


That’s exactly it! Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face: