Start Endnotes on a new Page (with Title)

I’m getting the hang of the new Scrivener 3 after a couple of hours of experimentation and I’m liking it.

One thing I wish were possible: I’m working on a book that will use endnotes, rather than footnotes. Currently, the compile generates the endnotes correctly but just butts them up on the end of the last page of the book. I’d prefer a page break to start the endnotes, ideally with a Title at the top of the page such as “Endnotes” or “References”.

Is there a way to do this in Scrivener? I realize I can export into Word or something, but I’m really hoping to publish directly out of Scrivener.

Many thanks!

Someone else might have a more svelte solution, but you can create a final file/folder and use…


…to tell Scrivener where to place the endnotes.

This will give you something like this…

Many thanks Bridey – I will try this. I’ve currently created an End chapter called Endnotes with no material but I don’t think it will give me the flexibility of your method.