"Start new physical page here"

What’s the most efficient way to indicate that a document must start on a new physical page, irrespective of what came before it?

i.e. Something smarter than just a page break, effectively saying “Insert a page break if the current document would be a left-hand-side page, and the equivalent of two page breaks in a row if a right hand page.”

You make it a chapter or something similar and specify that they should always start on a recto page.


Every day I learn something new. Today I learned what a recto page is. :slight_smile:

Following up… I see controls for specifying that a section after a page break is always a recto page, but not for specifying that any document with a particular Section Type always has to start on a recto page. Is this possible?

Probably the easiest way of doing so would be to edit (duplicating first if necessary) the format you are using, and then go into the Separators compile format pane. Locate the Layout you want to be able to apply and with its settings overriding the defaults, make sure it always inserts a section/page break. Now any type of document you apply that layout to will generate a break, no matter what type of document it is.

The controls for recto/verso layout are in the Section Layouts compile format pane, under the New Pages tab.