"Start next section on: a recto page" will not work

Hello all.

I am formatting a paperback as a PDF (on an iMac using 10.9.5) ready for publishing to CreateSpace.

I cannot get the ‘Start next section on: a recto page’, or ‘Always start section on: a recto page’ to work. I have tried ticking both boxes together and on their own, but no luck.

Some chapters are starting on verso (left hand) pages where the previous chapter has ended on a recto (right hand). I want to get all chapters starting on a recto, even if this means a blank page precedes them.

I’ve looked in the manual, but haven’t been able to work out why this setting won’t work. Something must be out of step somewhere, but I’ve no clue as to what.

Please can anyone help - it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I just double-checked and this feature is working fine over here, so it must be some specific condition; hard to say without more information. Basic stuff: but if you click on the row in the Formatting pane, it highlights in yellow the things you’re using as chapter breaks, right? If so then you should be using the second option, not the one that sets things for the following section. And what do you see highlighted (I’m not sure what a “chapter” looks like in your project)? Is it something that also has page breaks set up for it in the Separators pane (or failing that, have the “Page Break Before” checkboxes set to on for all of them)? You need those for this feature to trigger.

Thanks for this AmberV. Yes, I nailed my self-imposed ‘glitch’ down to the formatting pane and realised I was setting it for the wrong section. I’ve got it working fine now. Thanks again for a quick reply. :smiley: