Start panel isn't sticky

Need to start with a compliment: 2.0 is the bee’s knees. Great stuff.

A minor annoyance to report: the start panel does not stay where I put it. I am in the habit of using the start panel to move between the various writing projects I’m working on. If i move it to a corner of the screen, it behaves in a way that doesn’t work for me:

  • When I open a document, it disappears. What if I want to open another document with it?
  • When it reappears, it has moved back to its default position.

If it’s not a problem for other folks, I would love it if the start panel stayed open, and stayed put.

A possible bug related to the start panel: If I go to preferences when no document is open, and turn on show start panel when no document is open, start panel does not appear even though no document is open. Not the worst thing you’ll face, I’m sure…

PS: Now that I bought one of the new Mac Airs, I won’t have to bother you about an iPad version any more. posting.php?mode=post&f=2#:twisted: It’s a killer on-the-go writer’s tool.


The behaviour follows the standard behaviour for start panels on OS X - see the one in Pages, for instance. Scrivener’s works exactly the same.

Glad you’re liking your new MBA 11". I bought one myself and I love it.

Thanks and all the best,

Ick. (And don’t have Pages installed to look at it. I’ll see if I can find it somewhere.)

You know, the solution is simple: call it something else - a management panel for locating and managing your .scriv files. That’s how I use it, and of course having it go away, or relocate itself, defeats that.

I will turn off that feature, and use regular OS X folders, then, or the File menu for recently open stuff.

As I said, not huge, but I had it in my mind that this must be wrong.

As I say, it’s not wrong, and I like it as it is. :slight_smile: