start up oddity for RC13

My work in the past fortnight has not greatly involved Scrivener so I only came to the upgrade to RC 13 a few days’ ago. It seems to be working fine but I have noticed an anomaly during the launch that I have not noticed in previous RC versions.

I work with several desktops open at the same time, with applications spread between them. The Scrivener splash screen with its warning about the expiry date appears on all the desktops at the same time although the application does finally open in the desktop where I clicked to launch it.

I have checked with other applications in case this is another Windows10 wierdy that may have appeared after one of Microsoft’s recent updates but it only seems to happen with Scrivener.

It is not an inconvenience. I only mention it in case it may be related to the RC13 crashing issues mentioned in other threads below.

I too run multiple screens.
(I use Scriverer on a large screen rotated to portrait aspect. Portrait works very well for me and feels natural. My Scrivener is set up with a split screen with cards below taking up a third of the screen from and writing area above using most of the remaining two thirds.)

On startup the round scrivener logo appears on one monitor (main monitor) and the message that Scrivener will expire on xx.xx appears on the monitor I use for Scrivener.

I can’t say if this has changed or not or if it was always like this. There are many things I suddenly notice when they must have been there for some time, like the crack in the brickwork in garden wall or the moon appearing smaller in the sky than it used to.

Just to make it clear - the effect I see is on multiple desktops in Windows10 and not on multiple monitors (screens). Multiple desktops is a feature that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10 years after it had been in general use on other operating systems.