Starting a Wish List: Lists, nested notes

For Scapple for Windows. Nifty program, but after day one wish it could do a couple of things.

  • Lists, especially bulleted lists. I’m already faking lists with my own bullet or number characters, but the ability to create lists seems reasonable(?)

  • Nested notes, a.k.a. a “container” note that holds subordinate notes. This may violate the design goals of the product (or perhaps confound the ability to import a Scapple frame into Scrivener), but I would love to be able to create “container” notes that hold some number of child notes. (So one could create regions or top-level categories that contain some number of components, then connect as required…

Lest it seem that all I’m doing is complaining, I’ve already figured out that I can draq-and-drop PNG images into a Scapple document and connect Scapple Notes to that image. I’ll use that capability for sure.

Cheers, thanks, & hope this helps,

Both of these are a bit outside the purpose of Scapple, particularly nesting containers. There’s been some discussion about this in the Mac forum (by virtue of it having been around longer, and because Keith checks in over there), but in short the point of Scapple is to be a big flat map of everything, so you can see all the ideas out there all at once, and hiding or nesting some inside others so that they were not always visible would detract from that. There are technical reasons this wouldn’t work well, too, but it’s not a place we’re really interested in Scapple going anyhow.

If I’m misunderstanding and you mean that you want to just group notes together, you can use background shapes for this; the shape can then be connected to your other notes, symbolically linking the entire group to that note.

I was wondering about making a onenote two hierarchy - folders and pages - or even just a single hierarchy, multiple scapple pages in one folder view.

The current scapple page would be unchanged I think, but with a way to ‘save’ into a folder or scapples related.

This is the big selling point of onenote, scapple already does a lot of the in-page stuff most people use onenote for. add a layer and 90% of used onenote is there.

Not sure how difficult it is, but be a huge selling point, even if very basic. i don’t mean folded notes or anything, just a high level folder.

Yeah, background shapes with the Magnetic setting enabled does what I want. That is, the ability to gather notes into visual groups.

Cheers & thanks,