Starting and ending footnotes

It is perhaps my first day writing in earnest (primarily academic) in Scrivener, and I’m getting tripped up by footnotes. I wrote a portion, hit option-shift-F to add a footnote, and entered text in the gray area that appeared.

Now I want to close that footnote and move on, but I’m stuck in the gray footnote field. I’ve tried hitting enter, escape (which I believe the help guide noted), shift-enter…no luck.

Any tips?


Think of this range as being more like a type of formatting, like Bold or Underline. You would not press Esc or Enter to stop writing in bold, you would use the Cmd-B shortcut to toggle it off. Same goes for inline footnotes and annotations.

It’s a toggle command, so just hit cmd-shift-F again to close the footnote (or use the menu item). (NB it’s cmd-shift-F, not opt-shift-F)

The same applies to inline Annotations – cmd-shift-A toggles them on and off again.



Looks like option-shift-F was toggling the comment tool (not footnote), which was the first part of my problem. I tested cmd-shift-F to toggle on/off several times, and it works like a charm. Thanks for clarifying, guys. Really appreciate it!