Starting each chapter (section) on a separate page?

New to scrivener, my mac is super old so I’ve been enjoying using scrivener on my ipad Pro which is really my main device now.
However, when I compile, I would like to have each chapter (section) start on it’s own page - I see instructions for doing this generally, but I can’t seem to find those settings in the iOS version.
Am I missing it or does it not exist? Thank you!

I did figure out a kind of work around - I see that each folder will start on a separate page, so I’m putting each chapter as a folder for now. However, my not-ideal with that is that the folder title goes on the top of the page, so I can just use the chapter names there but the font doesn’t match the rest of the work.

Hi Estella,

I think you figured it out exactly correctly – in fact you can subdivide chapters into sections in the same way, with folders.

How you control what ends up as titles – or not to have them – you’ll learn about as you get into the details of compiling. There are a lot of abilities there, and you should be able to arrange anything you want.

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