starting new document

I’m new to Scrivener and am working on my next novel. I’ve had a wonderful time creating the project so far: my outline, adding my character sketches, all my research, etc. But now I want to start working on the novel/document itself and I can’t figure out how to start it in the project. I guess what I’m asking is how I add a new manuscript to the binder. I bet there’s a simple answer but I can’t figure it out.



Have you been through the tutorial? It’s very good.

If you’ve created an outline using Scrivener’s outline tools, the sections in the outline are reflected in the binder as well. Just select one of them, go to the Editor view, and start typing.

If not, just use the Add Document button up at the top of the window. Drag it to the spot in the binder you want – if it didn’t already go there – go to the Editor view, and start typing.


Thanks, Katherine. I think I actually asked the wrong question. Can I put another DRAFT in the same Binder is what I really should be asking. No, I didn’t use the outline function but rather created my own template for the outline. Now I’d like to create the draft of the book in that same Binder so I keep it all together with my outline, research, character sketches etc. Is that possible?

Yes, I’ve read the manual, the interactive tutorial and Hewson’s book, but until you actually try to do something, it’s a little bit Greek!



There can only ever be one dedicated Draft folder in the binder; this is what the program uses to set up your book in the compiler. Now, you can have folders within that Draft and tell the compiler to only use one of them and it will do so. So if you need multiple revisions or multiple books in a series in one project, then you can certainly do so, but you can only have one Draft.

If you’ve been brainstorming in the Draft folder, I’d recommend just making a new folder at the top level, drag all of your notes and stuff into that folder, and then start building your book in the Draft.

Thanks, Amber. I think I’ve got it now.