Starting page numbers after page 10

I was wondering if I was missing something…I have front matter of my book that takes up more than 10 pages and need page numbering to start after page 10 but in the Compile area where you can choose where to start you can only go up to page 10. Why is that? Is there a way around this or (more likely) something I missed? Thanks very much!

If you need more than ten pages, put all of your front matter into a separate folder, outside of the Draft, and then specify that folder in your Contents compile pane as the front matter folder. Then go back to the page settings pane and change that setting to “Automatic”. Normally you’d use this feature to swap out front matter easily, but it can also be useful for cases like this.

Thank you very much!

I put all of the pages into a separate folder outside of my book’s folder (both are located in the Binder area). But when I compile the selection of front matter is shaded.

There are two situations that will disallow the use of Front Matter. (See Section 24.7.3 of the Scrivener manual)

  • A subgroup of the Draft is selected and “Treat compile group as entire draft” is disabled.


  • The compile group is based on the “Current selection.”