Starting writing without creating project

Is there a way to start writing in Scrivener without creating a new project?

Sometimes I just want to dive into writing without thinking about what it might become. I’m basically asking if it is possible to start writing on a template without saving it at the start of the session / creating a new project, just like I would when I write on paper. It feels like Scrivener wants me to pick the drawer and label the folder before I even get to the blank page. This is an annoying creative hindrance for me.

If there is no option to do this, I’d love to see an option to do so in the future.

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That would be like trying to write in Word without opening up a new document. Not possible.

That said, just open a new blank template, and name it something generic like “my thoughts” - the title can always be changed.

Then just “add a new text document” when you want to write. Think of it as turning to a new page in a notebook.

EVERYTHING else CAN come later.

If you don’t want to give your individual writings (aka binder items) titles yet, thats ok. Just start typing in the editor, Scrivener will autofill the title with the first few words you type.


That’s a great tip.
I was used to libre-office, where I can start writing without saving/naming the document. but that’s a nice workaround.

Thank you.

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You are welcome!

Something you might not know is that Libre Office also “plays very well” with Scrivener. :blush:

Thanks for the heads up.
I’m still very new to Scrivener, so I need to play around with it some more to get the hang of it :wink:

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I keep a “scratch pad” project around for just this sort of thing, and use a layout similar to this one, which is designed to mimic the Scratch Pad feature, but without all of the limitations of the scratch pad.

Particular to this use case, the scratch pad was designed to be a tool that could be opened whenever Scrivener was running, regardless of whether any projects are open. So for Mac users, that is always an option since the menu bar is always there even when projects are closed. On Windows, I proposed they add a universal system tray for Scrivener that could always be running as an option, that would toggle the scratch pad on and off when clicked. Unfortunately that was never made good on, and has been forgotten since then.

But, for me it’s not a major problem because there is nothing unique to the scratch pad feature, that a project window cannot do. Having this project always open, or readily available on the Desktop, is about as good as an “always on” scratch pad would be, and better in other ways.


Thanks. This helps a bunch :slight_smile:

Scrivener makes all that possible and more. Follow FamilyPuzzleSolver’s hint. At first you might give the file an intuitive name, you can change it later. As was said, Scrivener will title it for you with whatever you typed in. Not only can you choose the length of the title (I often let my first sentence be it for a while and truncate it later) you can also “move it out of the way” into Research or Notes folder. Build up as much or as little and move on. I have more than a dozen ‘projects’ going at any time. Tons of options for writers exist in Scrivener!!

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