Startup Error

Whenever I attempt to open Scrivener on my laptop, I receive this error:

Scrivener runs fine on my desktop. Both systems run Windows XP. Any ideas what may be causing this?

A couple of other users have reported this issue, too. Lee is snowed under at the moment with e-mails and technical support questions - we didn’t expect quite such an amazing response - so please bear with us, as it’s going to take poor Lee a while to get through everything and get back to everyone.
(Mac bod)

Speaking as someone who used to get paid to do Windows technical support, the Windows developers will probably need some more information to help.

(a) what version of Windows are you running? (Vista? XP? 7?)

(b) is the user attempting to use the installation the same user which ran the installation?

© did the user who ran the installation have full adminstrator rights?

I had the same problem as michaelxlife but on an old desktop.
a) Win XP
b) yes
c) yes

I was hoping to get some actual use out of the old thing with Scriv. But maybe it’s not meant to be.

  1. Windows XP. I think I mentioned that.
    2 & 3) Yes.

Another note: I just realized that I had over eighty updates to install, so that might be the cause of the issue. I’ll let you guys know if that turns out to be the case.

Unfortunately it is looking as though some problems have crept into the beta with XP, as we’ve had a good few problems reported from XP users - it has been tested on XP so presumably the problem lies with one of the changes made at the last minute. Lee will be working furiously to fix all of these things, and we’re sorry that it appears our XP support has got messed up in this initial beta.

I’m on XP (service pack 3 /SP3) and everything is working great!

What service pack(s) are you folks having issues on?

It’s SP3, but a .NET framework update fixed the problem here. Scrivener’s running now.

I’m having the same error. I use Windows XP on a Dell Mini, I only have one user that has full admin rights. I checked if I needed any updates from Microsoft, Microsoft says no. I tried updating my .NET, still no go…
Oddly it works on another laptop I have that is older and hasn’t been updated in months.

I have confidence though that the wonderful people at Literature & Latte will find a solution to even the knottiest of problems :slight_smile: Thanks for releasing a Windows version of Scrivener. I’m willing to stand a jungle of bugs to be able to use it.

If you’re having the “application configuration” error at startup: try searching for Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable and installing it (the version of the file I used was called vcrun2008). This enabled me to get Scrivener to install and run correctly on XP.

:smiley: Good Luck!

Thank you!! That solved the problem for me too.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks, darkhorse. This worked for me, too.


You’re welcome. Glad it helped. :slight_smile:

Thanks, darkhorse! That worked perfectly. I, too, am using Windows XP SP3 and could not run the program (got the same config error). I downloaded from this the file from here: … laylang=en


You’re welcome, twhittles. XP is old and cranky, but it sure doesn’t eat the system resources like Vista did. I actually “downgraded” from Vista and went back to XP. :smiley:

hi guys

i’m getting the exact same start up error message but i’m on Vista.

but maybe i’m going it wrong. i have a desk top and a laptop, the desktops on the net and as a rule the lap top is not. So i downloaded the program to a flashdrive and then tried to install it on my laptop which has vista (though i admit i still have to activate it) but when i install the program on the laptop it gives me the error message.

is this because i’m trying to install it from a flashdrive?

how can i get this to work?



Have you tried installing the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable file? I know Vista is supposed to have that built in by default, but possibly your copy of the file is damaged or missing?

If you’re sure you have the Visual C++ 2008 stuff installed, have you also tried copying the Scrivener install file off your flash drive and installing from your hard drive?

Those are my two best guesses, and I hope they’ll help. :smiley:

yay, it works, i want to kiss you…


You’re very welcome, cas. Enjoy Scrivener! :smiley: