Startup more than one project

I have two scrivener projects i want to open on the computer’s startup.

Only one opens. Usually the last closed…

This is annoying.

Suggestions please…

If in options have automatic close after x minutes of inactivity (see in options>General>Startup) then when restart last project closed will be only to reopen.
If go File> exit which forces the program to save all open project then should when click program icon/application then all those projects should open, though does not seem as consistent with the 3.14 update.

thank you for your response.

What i want, is when the computer starts, two projects are auto-opened.
Currently only the list in the startup list, opens.
The second does not.

I tried to use taskscheduler… it opens the last opened project, instead of the file i wish to start.

This is stupid… When i double click a file name, scrivener is properly opened, and then the file is loaded…

How do i have more than one project open when the computer starts???

Have two projects open when Scrivener closes.

Not always… no joy… this should not be this hard.

Hi @FredBob ,

You can use a utility like AutoHotKey to accomplish this. (There are probably a dozen other utilities that could also do it. Or you could do it with a .bat file. But AHK is easy and helpful for many types of automation, so it’s what I use.)

Here’s an example script:
Scrivener Autostart (494 Bytes)

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
#Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

SetTitleMatchMode, 2

; Launch Scrivener Tutorial project
Run, C:\Users\jimra\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\Tutorial.scriv\Tutorial.scrivx
WinWait, C:\Users\jimra\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\Tutorial.scriv - Scrivener, , 20

; Launch Scrivener Tutorial 2 project
Run, C:\Users\jimra\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\Tutorial 2.scriv\Tutorial 2.scrivx
WinWait, C:\Users\jimra\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\Tutorial 2.scriv - Scrivener, , 20


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download & install AutoHotKey on your PC.

  2. Using a text editor (Notepad is fine), update the AHK script’s folder paths & names with your Scriv projects’ info. Be sure to leave the " - Scrivener" at the end of each WinWait line, as it needs to match the full name of the Scrivener window, like so:

  1. The AHK script needs to have a file extension of .ahk. Test the AHK script to make sure it finds & launches both projects, by double-clicking on the AHK file.

  2. Finally, paste a shortcut to the AHK script in your Startup folder and reboot your PC.

To open additional projects, just copy/paste the 3x lines of code and update with the info for each additional project.


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Scrivener, launched from the Start menu, should reopen with whatever projects were open when it was closed.

If you (or a task scheduler acting on your behalf) tell it to open with a specific project instead, that is what it will do.