Statistics not working

So, there was some sort of scrivener update, and after installing it and making minor changes to my document (adding more “parts”) I no longer have an accurate statistics report. I know I have around 26,500 words but my word count is at 35.

I use my statistics to motivate me to keep going and since this has happened I haven’t written a single word. I’m beyond frustrated at not being able to find a fix to this solution and am running out of patience quickly. Please help.

Assuming you’re talking about Project Statistics, the count is based off the compile settings, so I’d check first that 1) all your documents you mean to compile are in fact inside the Draft folder (may be renamed “Manuscript” or such) and checked to be included in compile in the Contents tab of compile and 2) that in the Formatting tab of compile, the “text” check box is selected for all the relevant rows. If you’ve changed this for instance to compile just the synopses when printing an outline, that would significantly reduce the word count.

I’m experiencing this as well (with 1.6). Project statistics would show the correct wordcount for Selection, but not Project/Manuscript.

I searched the tech support sub-forum and came across a thread linking it to compile settings (users compiling to epub or mobi experienced the issue). My settings were not set to epub or mobi (although I have compiled to them in the past), however reselecting a compile format and output in the compile dialog and then hitting ‘save and close’ fixed the error for me.

The release notes for 1.6 include:

They may have fixed the ‘selection’ word count, but there are still issues with the Manuscript or Project (whichever it’s called) word count.