Statistics on more data than words

I classify all my scenes according to how much action, romance, tragedy, etc they have. I do this with labels and their colors. To calculate how much of each thing a chapter has I use Excel, which calculates the percentages of each thing with a formula I put in it. This way I can tell what kind of scenes I need to add more of and which ones I need to remove. For example, if there is too much romanticism in a chapter, it is better to reduce it a little, right?
I was wondering if this could be done directly with Scrivener (the percentages and statistics of it, I mean).

Similarly, to each scene I have added a grade (from 1 to 5, usually) according to its importance. This way I can know how long each scene should be (if it’s importance 2, it should be shorter, if it’s 4, it should last longer, for example). I put this number in the metadata, but to calculate the grade of the chapters and sagas (which is also important to compare them with other chapters and sagas) I do it manually. I put manually all the grades of the chapters and sagas adding the grades of all the scenes they have, but it would be so cool if Scrivener calculate it automatically, because I can always make mistakes.

Also, my story takes place in the period around 300 AD, there are even dates that are BC, but the date format for the metadata doesn’t let me add dates that old. I would love to have this option as well.

I have looked for ways to do this, but have had to resort to external applications, which makes the process more tedious and time-consuming.

Scrivener has helped me a lot, hopefully it can help me even more :heart:.


The year needs four digits in its full format. Add a zero before any three digits year.
For BC dates on the other hand, not much to be done, I think.

Unless you create a fake date custom-metadata field, set to text instead.


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