Statistics: showing character count in editor.

I need to check the number of characters in my text very often, so I got used to looking at the bar below main editor window while typing, to see statistics there.
After the latest update it shows not the 'word and characters count I get used to, but the word stats only.
Yes, I can check the other stats when I hover the mouse pointer over this bar, but I don’t like it working this way. I get used to blind-typing, and using the mouse is always a distraction.

Is there any option to make Scrivener show characters number instead of words number, in the bar below the main editor? I didn’t find one yet, but maybe I just didn’t notice something. There should be an option to choose a stat to be shown in this bar (I would prefer "characters with no spaces in most cases, but sometimes I need other options too).

Yes, this will be an option available in the next update.