I can’t get “Statistics” to work. When I try, I get a sting of zeroes, and then the program shuts down. I can get right back in, but it is irritating. What to do?

This is a well-known bug in 1.03 (try doing a forum search on “project statistics” with “all search terms” selected).

This bug is fixed for 1.1, which will be out soon. In the meantime, you have two options:

  1. Download the 1.1 beta from the Beta Testing forum (don’t let the word “beta” put you off - it is very stable).


  1. Go to File > Page Setup, select “Scrivener” from the “Settings” pop-up menu, and then deselect “No widows/orphans” under “Text Options”. It is the code that tries to calculate widows and orphans in order to generate the printed page count in Project Statistics that causes the crash.

All the best,

The forum for the new release was locked, so I’ll thank you here :slight_smile:

Yeay Keith! Got my stats back!