Stats based on metadata

Hi all. Was speaking (virtually) with a few Scrivening friends this weekend and we all came to the same conclusion: stats based on user-defined metadata. What I envision (and what I could make best use of) would be a more in-depth stats pane that allows you to see, for example, the wordcount for all subdocuments labeled as X or Y, the wordcount for all docs with status “To Write,” “Revised Draft,” etc., and the same for tags (how many documents out of the whole are tagged with X or Y, e.g.) Even better would be visuals: graphs, charts, etc. that help you “gameify” (for lack of a better word) the writing process. Like Fitocracy for writers, if that makes sense :smiley:

My fellow writers and I thought this would be helpful for our fiction projects—many of us wrote in several points of view, using Labels to distinguish narrators, and were interested to see (in exact numbers) how much “airtime” each narrator gets within the draft. Please excuse this suggestion if it’s come up before; I searched the forums but didn’t see anything similar. Thanks!

There is already a pretty good way of doing this in my opinion. The two ingredients are Project Search and the main Project Statistics panel. If you examine the latter, you will notice that it is split into two: the top half handles what you get when you compile, the bottom half counts up whatever you have selected in the Binder.

So then the key is to select only those things which match the particular piece of meta-data you are looking to count up. The easiest way to do that will be to search for that piece of meta-data. Just click in the toolbar Project Search magnifying glass icon, select the type of meta-data to search by, and then type in the name of the value you are looking for. Note if it is keyword it is easiest to just do this from the project keyword list, where you can select the keyword from a list and click a “Search” button.

The checklist is as follows:

  1. Search for “Stuff”
  2. Press [b]Cmd-A[/b] in the search results list to select all.
  3. Press [b]Shift-Opt-Cmd-S[/b] or use [b]Project/Project Statistics...[/b] to open the stats panel.

For this particular type of operation, you may want to turn off “Count subdocuments” in the Options tab. That is useful if you are just clicking on a chapter with a bunch of files in it, but in this case it could lead to a bloated result if something is tagged as “Blue” but its child documents are not.

Think you might be doing this a lot? Consider saving your search as a Collection tab using the magnifying glass menu, and selecting “Save Search as Collection…” at the bottom of that menu. Now in the future you can just turn on collection tabs and click on the appropriate tab to get an up-to-date list.