Status of Scrivener 3 for Windows

Hi !

Many appreciation for all efforts to get a production-ready V3 for Windows ! But as a user of V1 since 2012, I’m really wondering if there will be a production-ready V3 ever !

I mean … 35 betas already. How many have we still to go ? Isn’t it a better choice to freeze it as it is and publish a GA release with a known issues list ? Or would you recommend to use the latest beta for new novels and upgrade every month or so ?

Kind regards,
Gerard Mengerink

The new official release will be most likely out within a month with a list of known bugs. You can use the latest Beta till then.

No, you did it again. :wink: Expect more shouts from the angry mob if you delay it even a bit. :mrgreen: :laughing:

I trust we will get a week’s notice so we can take a day off work or in the case of Aus, stay up all night to be one of the first upgraders. Better than the queue at an Apple Store on iPhone release day :slight_smile:

Take Mah Moneeeey!

Fantastic Tiho!! Thanks so much for the heads up!

The wife wanted to know WHEN, WHEN, WHEN? I promised her I’d quit drinking when Scrivener 3 for Windows is released. I’m not worried…

I thought we were coming to an end when B35 was first released because I didn’t see an end date for it. Maybe it was just my old eyes. However, now in the announcement of B35 there is an end date of 1/31. If this is new, then there may still be more betas to come.

Either way, while I’m happy there is a soft target date for the official release, I’m not concerned about them meeting it. I’d rather have a product that works right out of the gate than one that frustrates me with bugs. And the team here is so competent when it comes to addressing problems and releasing new Betas.

So I’m going to forget about this target date and stick with: It’s ready when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

my thoughts exactly!
the beta is more than sufficiently able to handle my novel project while we wait for the main release. I personally have been very impressed with it as a holding product.